Snare Drum Solos
Champion, The (Pete Guest) Grade 6
SDS1002 - $5.00
Jam-packed from beginning to ending with rudimental energy, a fun and a challenging solo to play.

Code Breaker (Andy Brett) Grade 2
SDS1049 - $5.00
Brett delivers a great learning piece in 3/4 time, with plenty of creative sticking patterns and rudiments.  Features 9 stroke rolls as well as sixteenth notes.

Easy Does It (Pete Guest) Grade 3
SDS1019 - $5.00
A slower tempo straight 4/4 piece is the setting for this tricky sticking solo.  Lots of dynamic changes highlight this selection.
Easy Going (Mike Hoppa) Grade 3
SDS1018 - $5.00
A straight forward, stern solo in 4/4.  Good for building confidence in young soloists.
El Dorado (Alex Kennedy) Grade 5
SDS1006 - $5.00
Challenging, yet fun to play, El Dorado starts out in a straight ahead 4/4, with time shifts to 3/8 before a blazing finish in 4/4.
Fast Track (Jay Ryan) Grade 4
SDS1022 - $5.00
This piece begins in 3/4, goes to a 6/8 section and back to 3/4 before closing out in a brisk 4/4 section.  A great contest solo.
Flam Attack (Pete Guest) Grade 6
SDS1001 - $5.00 
Mike Hoppa called this Pete Guest composition a "flame thrower."  This is becoming a standard in every percussionist's repertoire.

Gold Crest (Pete Guest) Grade 4
SDS1004 - $5.00
This moderate 4/4 solo is perfect for the developing percussionist.  Packed full of rudiments and rolls to enhance any performance.
Night Watch (Pete Guest) Grade 2
SDS1005 - $5.00
A fun piece to start out on.  A touch on the easier side, but every bit as fun to learn and play.  Many dynamics changes, rudiments with complete sticking.
Off and On (Mike Hoppa) Grade 3
SDS1017 - $5.00
Now you hear them, now you don't.  Hoppa delivers a unique approach to a solo as some phrases have flams, and some do not.  A brisk tempo throughout this 4/4 piece makes it an interesting piece to learn and play.
Round One (Andy Brett) Grade 1
SDS1011 - $5.00
For the young percussionist just starting out.  This solo features only quarter notes and eighth notes, as well as just quarter rests.  Simple but effective.  Many dynamic changes and accents to start the learning process for solos to come.
Step Up (Mike Hoppa) Grade 4
SDS1003 - $5.00
Hoppa delivers a piece that's fun, challenging and exciting to learn and play.  Starting out in 4/4 and ending in 6/8, a perfect solo for any festival or performance.

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