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Viper Publications
P.O. Box 1168
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068


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Pete Guest:  Private
Mike Hoppa:  Private
William Boyd:   Private

**Please Note**
Due to an increase in spam E Mail and phone calls we will accept only email to our generic email address, and then we will sort it and send it on to the correct person.  This may take a little time.  We are a small company.  Sorry that so many have to make it bad for the rest of us!

Peter A. Guest - President and CEO
Jennifer Stuart - CFO
William Boyd - Director of Operations
Brandon C. S. Guest - Vice President - Marketing
Jared Guest - Vice President - Product and Inventory
Brett Guest - Vice President - Sales
Michael King - Marketing
Mike Hoppa - A & R
Phil Guest - Computers
Ryan Andrew - Webmaster


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