Timpani Solos
Carry The Torch (Pete Guest) Grade 3
TMP1027 - $5.00
Straight 4/4 time, lot's of dynamics and opportunity for technical work.  Uses two timpani tuned in Bb and Eb.

** NEW ** Perfection (Pete Guest) Grade 4
TMP 1042 - $5.00
With many dynamic changes, syncopation and the multiple use of sixteenth notes and sixteenth triplets, this is a most challenging solo to learn and rewarding to play.
Pull No Punches (Brad Charles) Grade 3
TMP1030 - $5.00
Changing between 9/8 and 6/8 time with lot's of dynamic changes.  For two timpani tuned in A and E.

** NEW ** Renewal (Mike Hoppa) Grade 5
TMP 1103 - $5.00
Medium Advanced Timpani Solo for two timpani tuned to Bb and Eb.  Tempo and meter changes make this a challenging solo to learn and play.  Good for concert and contest performance.

** NEW ** Riverfront (Mike Hoppa)  Grade 5
TMP  1032 - $5.00
Standard 4/4 throughout with plenty of dynamic changes and off beat accents, with double stops and a chance to show off with rolls.  A good contest and performance showcase.

** NEW ** Take Charge (Pete Guest) Grade 4
TMP 1031 - $5.00
Take Charge is a medium level timpani solo for two timpani (tuned to Bb and Eb) with many dynamic changes, accents and use of double stops.  Good for concert and contest performance.

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