Submission Guidelines

Viper Publications will be happy to review your original compositions for inclusion in our catalog when you follow the guidelines below:

1. Send only ORIGINAL compositions.  Do not send arrangements of any song you have not written yourself.

2. Send full score and either cassette or CD with the full recording of the composition.

3. Maximum of 4 songs per submission.  More than 4 selections requires prior WRITTEN permission from Viper Publications to be considered.

4. Please allow sufficient time for review.  An acknowledgment will be sent shortly after receipt of your submission.  Materials will then be reviewed as soon as possible.

5. Enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope for return of materials if not accepted for publication.

6. Please label EVERYTHING with your complete name and address.

7. Please indicate any copyright information on any composition.

8. Please understand that we do not, and cannot, act as a review board for your compositions.  Any music not accepted for publication will be returned in your provided envelope, or destroyed if no envelope is received.  We will advise you that your compositions were not accepted for publication, but will NOT indicate why we felt it was not suitable for publication.  Also understand that this decision is based on what we feel we can market profitably.  It is possible that another publisher will feel differently and you should try other avenues as well.

9. Please send your E Mail address as well in the event we have any quick questions.

10.  Send your submission to:
Viper Publications
Attn: Mike Hoppa
P.O. Box 1168
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068-1168

11. If you have questions before you submit your material contact Mike Hoppa at: mikehoppa (add @) viperpub . com

12.  The chart at left will indicate our current needs.

13.  Thank you for following our guidelines.

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