Percussion Quartets

All For One (Andy Brett) Easy
QRT1052 - $10.00
A great first piece for young performers.  Lots of dynamics.  Fun to play.
   Part 1 - Bells
   Part 2 - Snare Drum 1 (Snares On)
   Part 3 - Snare Drum 2 (Snares Off)
   Part 4 - Bass Drum

Endurance (Pete Guest) Medium-Advanced
QRT1059 - $17.00
Not often the bass drum player can feel that he is the leader of the ensemble, but this piece will give him the respect he deserves!  The fast paced ensemble will go through time changes, odd meters, and a lot of fun before they reach the end.
   Part 1 - Snare Drum
   Part 2 - Snare Drum
   Part 3 - Tom Toms
   Part 4 - Bass Drum
Four For The Money (Brad Charles) Medium-Easy
QRT1009 - $10.00
Only a drummer could write a piece in 3/4 time and call it Four For The Money!  A straight ahead 3/4 through out this piece.  Exciting to learn.  Fun and exciting to play.
     Part 1 - 2 Pitch Drums, Vibra Slap
     Part 2 - Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine
     Part 3 - Gong, Snare Drum, Whip Stick
     Part 4 - Wood Block, Triangle
Four Man Rush (Pete Guest) Medium
QRT1007 - $10.00
Many time and tempo changes make this piece challenging, fun and exciting to play.
     Part 1 - Snare Drum
     Part 2 - 2 Pitch Drums
     Part 3 - Cymbals (Suspended and Crash)
     Part 4 - Bass Drum

**NEW** In Step (Andy Brett) Medium Easy
QRT1098 - $11.00
Keep young advancing percussion players at peak interest with this ensemble.  Features two keyboard parts, bells and marimba (can be played on xylophone) and two drum parts give the performer a chance to change instruments within the ensemble.
     Part 1 - Bells
     Part 2 - Marimba (Xylophone)
     Part 3 - Snare Drum - 2 Toms
     Part 4 - Bass Drum - Tambourine

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