Snare Drum Duets

**NEW** Catch Up! (Pete Guest) Grade 3
SDD1061 - $5.00
Snare Drum Duet that begins the transition from advanced beginner to more advanced work.  There are no sticking suggestions so the performers can concentrate on rhythm and sounding good together.

Next In Line (Mike Hoppa) Grade 2
SDD1023 - $5.00
With nothing more than eighth notes, and nothing harder than flams, this piece tests the player's stamina from beginning to end.
Round Two (Andy Brett) Grade 1
SDD1012 - $5.00
Perfect for young percussionists to learn to play together.  Very simple, yet effective.  Features only quarter and eighth notes.  Suggested sticking to begin the use of rudiments in contest performances to come.  A fun first duet.

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